Service Day 2021

Circle K at the University of Michigan

Circle K is an international co-ed service organization that is sponsored by Kiwanis International. Circle K clubs focus on the three tenets of service, fellowship, and leadership.


Service is the heart of Circle K. There are a variety of service projects each week varying in date, time, length, and focus. We do projects ranging from the elderly and children to the environment and the homeless. If you don't find a project that interests you or if you have a new project idea, please contact us and we would be happy to work with you to set up a project you are interested in. Circle K understands that college life can be very busy, therefore we don't have a service hour requirement for our members.


We know that when you come to the University of Michigan, it can be overwhelming. Circle K works to actively build lasting friendships and to create a sense of community. Through our weekly socials, meetings, service projects and committee events, we strive to make fellowship an integral part of this club. With over 200 members in our club, you are sure to develop great friendships.


We always strive to develop the leadership skills of our members and we provide many opportunites for you to discover your talents and put them to use. Circle K members can serve on or become chairs for one of our 14 different committees which all work keep our organization running smoothly. Circle K also holds a leadership conference each year called LeadCon to develop your leadership skills, inform you about club positions, and allow you to meet other club leaders.

Contact Us

Check out our website at for our daily service projects and for more information about our organization!